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 Have you ever wanted folks to know that beneath your sweet exterior is a little bit of cray-cray?

Did you ever love a food so much that you just wanted everyone to know about it?

Did you ever say to yourself, "I wish people would stop being so uptight and just chill"?

Us too!  That's why we created ShirtShower.com  We wanted everyone to be able to share a little piece of who they are, sometimes with a splash of humor or a dash of sarcasm.  And since we are utterly convinced that we are not the only cray-cray, bacon-loving ninjas out there, we decided to develop a platform whereby you could do the same!  Wasn't that thoughtful of us?  
Why the name, ShirtShower?  Because Shirt Shop was already taken.  No, seriously, we wanted to shower the world with peace, love, and T-shirts.
Thanks for shopping with us and we truly hope you enjoy your shopping experience, and just as importantly, that you enjoy our products.  We'd love to have you drop back in again and again, since we are always launching new slogans, ideas and products. Also, please tell your friends about us and visit us on Facebook, Pinterest and Insta.
Oh, we also wanted you to feel safe and secure while shopping with us, so we made sure we built our store on a secure, encrypted platform.  See our McAfee Security Certificate by clicking the little icon down in the corner.
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